A comparative analysis of inter-alar width and inter-hamular width as parameters to determine the width of anterior teeth - a cross sectional study.

Dr. Hridya HP , Dr Menon Prasad Rajagopal , Dr. Pradeep Samuel , Dr. Athira Jubin, Dr. Chaithanya Chandrasekharan P, Dr. Asha C S

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Aim: To analyze the correlation between the measurements made from the landmarks on the cast along with inter-alar width and the width of the anterior teeth in dentulous study subjects.
Materials and methods: Measurements were made on the cast as well as extra-orally. The measurements made were, inter-hamular width, inter-canine and inter-alar distance. After measuring these distances, the predicted value was calculated by taking mean of these three distances. The actual value in both the groups was measured with a flexible ruler. The mean and standard deviation of both groups were calculated. Results were analyzed with correlation and regression analysis.
Results: The analysis showed that there was a positive correlation between actual and predicted values in dentulous group of study subjects (p-value <0.01). As the actual value increased in the groups, the predicted value also increased. So the actual value can be derived with the help of predicted value which will be useful in selecting the proper tooth mould size of the maxillary teeth for edentulous patients.
Conclusion; A positive correlation exists between width of the maxillary teeth (actual value) and mean of the inter-hamular distance(predicted value) in dentate subjects .

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