Oral mucous membrane pemphigoid; a case report and review

Dr. Akhil S, Dr Jubin Thomas, Dr Ani John Peter, Dr Indu M, Dr Haripriya Nair P

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Pemphigoid is a set of chronic, blistering mucocutaneous autoimmune illnesses, which are characterized by tissue-bound autoantibodies that are directed against one or more basement membrane constituents. Although clinically identical to pemphigus, pemphigoid has a distinct prognosis and microscopic features. Most patients exhibit oral lesions. However, additional locations, including the skin, conjunctiva, nasal, oesophageal, laryngeal, and vaginal mucosa, may also be affected. We present a distinct case of oral pemphigoid in a 48 year old male patient with varying clinical presentations, as well as review of literature on pemphigoid.

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