Developmental Variation In Permanent Mandibular Second Molars €“ A Case Report

Dr. Suhas R Nayak, Dr. Celestina Dawn Peter , Dr. Pradeep Samuel, Dr.Anu Sushanth,
Dr .Yoitha Prabhunath, Dr.Binu Nathan, Dr. Sheela Poojary.

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Observation of developmental variations from the accepted morphology of teeth are relatively fewer in number when compared to dental diseases like caries or periodontitis.Some of these variations are genetically determined as a trait exhibited by a subpopulation differentiated by race. Here we present a case of a permanent mandibular second molar mimicking the occlusal morphology of a permanent mandibular first molar with a 5 cuspal pattern.
Key words: Molar,Occlusal morphology,Developmental

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