Evaluation Of Role Of Body Mass Index (BMI) While Predicting Normal Maximum Mouth Opening Using Three Finger Index Method – A Cross Sectional Study

Dr. Asaf Aboobakker, Dr. Anu Sushanth, Dr. Manjima Sasidharan

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Aims and Objectives: To study the role of BMI while predicting normal maximum mouth opening using
three finger index.

Materials & Methods: 520 subjects for the study were chosen, equally distributed among the sexes ie; 260 males & 260 females. Height and weight of the subjects were measured and BMI was calculated. Maximum Mouth Opening and three finger width was measured using Vernier calipers. Based on BMI, subjects were categorized into 4 groups and were subjected to ANOVA for statistical analysis.

Results: BMI and the mean maximum mouth opening of the subjects did not show any significant correlation.

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