Management Of Gingival Enlargement €“A Case Series

Dr. Sreekala P L , Dr Rakesh P ,Dr .Soja Sara George , Dr. Anjana Elizabeth Alexander.

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The purpose of this article is to report the management of two cases of gingival enlargement, one associated with orthodontic therapy and the other a conditioned enlargement due to intake of oral contraceptives for over 3 years. A 21 year old female patient reported with swelling of upper and lower gums since 6-7 months. She was on orthodontic therapy for 3 years. Gingiva was severely inflamed and enlarged which didn’t subside after nonsurgical therapy. So gingivectomy was planned and done using electrosurgery and scalpel. Another patient 22 year old female, reported with bulbous and bleeding gums for 1 year. She was on combined oral contraceptive pills for 3 years for the treatment of polycystic ovarian disease which was stopped 6 months back. Examination showed severe gingival enlargement with generalized periodontal pocket of 4-5 mm. Width of attached gingiva was adequate. OPG showed generalized bone loss. Undisplaced flap technique and modified widman flap was planned and performed. In both the patients, the healing was uneventful and no recurrence till date. This reaffirms the fact that periodontal surgery, patient compliance and comprehensive maintenance care are essential to return to healthy periodontal status for such cases.

Key words- Gingival enlargement, Orthodontic therapy, Conditioned enlargement,Oral contraceptives, Gingivectomy

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