Ossifying fibroma of the maxilla: case report.

Dr. Kalaiselvi Santhosh , Dr Anu Sushanth. A

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Fibrous dysplasia, ossifying fibroma (OF),cemento-ossifying fibroma, florid osseous dysplasia, and localised osseous dysplasia are all fibro-osseous lesions in the jaw bones. The most frequent fibro-osseous lesion is OF, which appears as a slow-growing, well-encapsulated benign neoplasm made of various quantities of bone or cement-like tissue in a fibrous stroma well-demarcated from the neighbouring normal bone. OF is commonly found in the jaw bones, with a preference for the mandible. OF in a patient usually appears as a single lesion and less occasionally as numerous lesions. We discuss clinical features and radiologic findings, histology, and surgical care of a rare case maxilla, as well as a brief literature review.

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