Reattachment Of Fractured Tooth Fragment: A Conservative Management Of Uncomplicated Crown Fracture Of An Anterior Tooth

Dr Aswathy T , Dr. K.R.Indushekar, Dr. Ann Meera Johnson, Dr. Abdul Hafiz KA

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Dental injuries are considered emergency situations that require immediate care. Traumatic dental injury (TDI) is a common concern among children worldwide. If a tooth fragment is available, it can be bonded to the tooth.
Appropriate management of anterior tooth fracture not only restores the function and esthetics but also provides a positive psychological impact for the patient. One of the most conservative approaches for such a restoration is reattachment, if fracture fragment is available. This case report describes the management of Ellis Class II fracture by reattachment. Reattachment of fractured fragment is indeed a cost-effective conservative treatment.

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