Salivary Biomarkers In Periodontal Diagnosis: Current Concepts And Future Trends

Academic Editor : Dr. Saumiya Gopal, Dr. Roopa DA, Dr. Marium Raheema, Dr. Soumya Narayani T, Dr. Harish Kumar V.V, Dr. Santhosh V.C.

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Biomarkers are tell-tale molecules that could be used to monitor disease onset, health status, treatment response and outcome. Salivary biomarkers have been used in the past for diagnosis of various oral and systemic diseases. In recent times, there has been a great interest in using saliva as a diagnostic marker in periodontal field and many advances have been made in the use of salivary biomarkers, especially in the area of genomic and proteomic studies of saliva. This paper reviews the salivary biomarkers used in periodontics; and focuses on the newer trends in collection of saliva and the technological advances made in salivary biomarker diagnostics…..

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