Successful management of tooth avulsion according to current strategies – a case report

Dr Tisson Varghese Job, Dr. J Harikaran, Dr. Binu Nathan, Dr. Rahul K K, Dr. Varsha Maria Sebastian

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Avulsion injuries account for up to 0.5-3% of traumatic injuries to permanent teeth. The prognosis of tooth replantation is usually related to the need for an endodontic treatment, which has a direct relationship with the occurrence of root resorption. This case reports the immediate management of avulsed right and left maxillary central incisors with an attempt to use MTA sealer as an obturation material. This case report highlights that, in order to achieve favorable endodontic prognosis in replanted teeth, immediate replantation followed by the use of a biocompatible material with excellent biological properties helps save a tooth. Further research is required to validate the use of biocompatible sealers. In addition to the technical knowledge and clinical experience directed toward the quality of treatment, patient education may favorably influence the survival of replanted teeth


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